Onyx Slab Countertops and Accents

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If you want a spectacular home design element that’s sure to dazzle and become a conversation piece, consider onyx. This beautiful material is available in a wide range of striking colors and patterns, with a preponderance of cream, gold, red and green tones. One of the defining characteristics of onyx is a strong sense of movement. Onyx also has translucent properties, and with backlighting, it glows like a fiery gemstone.

Onyx has an elegant and luxurious feel that makes it a good choice for many different applications such as vanities, bars, islands, or tables. It’s also lightweight enough to be used as a dramatic vertical accent such as wall cladding, a room divider, or a fireplace. It can even be used as wall art.

Even though it’s not a commonly used material, better stone suppliers will carry a selection of twenty or more colors of onyx slab. Explore the advantages of this beautiful natural stone today.
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Onyx Slab Design Accents

Natural stone design elements add beauty and value to any home. Most homeowners choose granite or marble; these two types of stone are durable, easy to care for and versatile. But for those people who want to install a unique and striking type of stone accent, onyx is a bold choice. From subtle tones to exotic colours, onyx is available in an array of colours and patterns. Install it on walls, vanities, tables, or bars, to create a dramatic effect. When backlit, onyx is a one of a kind conversation piece that is hard to ignore.

Elegant Design

Onyx is a high-end stone, but the value an onyx accent will add to your home, both financially and aesthetically, is priceless. Onyx can be used to create a beautiful bathroom vanity for your powder room. You can create a backlit bar in your man cave, or install it vertically to create a dramatic feature wall. Prices will vary depending on the type of slab, but no matter what the grade, an onyx design element epitomizes luxury and elegance.

Shopping for Fine Stone

There are many stone suppliers, but only premier companies will carry onyx, since it’s a specialty stone. Research stone suppliers in your area and find one that carries a large inventory and maintains a well-lit and climate-controlled showroom where you can view a wide variety of onyx slabs.